Lyvie’s cooking -Modern African food for all

We can consider that eating is a passion, especially when it’s dope! We found a person who can help us all to enjoy this passion for food : Lyvie! She chose to make videos highlighting African food and made a book. IMPRESSIVE! We will let this New talent introduce her amazing concept of revisited African food. Let’s take your furnaces and bon appétit 🙂 

 Lyvie's cooking -Modern African food for all

The word is yours! Tell us more about you.
Hi, my name is Lyvie. I’m 22 yo and I study to be a social worker.

 This concept of Africans recipes’ videos is innovative and very interesting! What has pushed you to do that ?
I wanted to make these videos because of my ambition to set forth African’s cooking. I think that it’s not highlighted enough.

 From the recipe’s choice to the shooting, how is your shooting day ?
Counter to what we could think, the shooting is very long depending on the recipe. And because I’m very lucky,  incidents during shootings often happen, like burning casserole or a not recording camera. After that, I have to do the montage and search the translation of some words in English, because my videos are both in French and English. This is what takes more time.

 How do you deal with your Facebook page’s sucess and how much time do you take to  manage it ?
I live it pretty well the success of my page (laughs) but it’s not easy every day. There are bad sides like people insulting you or harrassing you. And then there are good sides with amazing virtuals connections or encouraging and wise people. But in any ways, my page’s success didn’t change me, I’m still the same person. I stay grounded.

What are your future projects? Do you want to developp your concept ? How ?
Concerning my future projects, I would like to open an African fast food franchise, to promote a spices brand and become rich (humor). I want to join an association to defend a cause that is close to my heart.

What is your motto ?
My motto is that, according to me, “failure is part of the achievement”. I say that because, in the past, when I missed something my world was falling apart (laughs). Step by step, I learned to accept that sometimes we have to fall to get up stronger.


Funnier questions?…

3 words to describe yourself ?
Moaner, determined and generous.

What do you listen currently ?
I listen everything like Selena Gomez, Rap us, Pop, Hip hop,etc.. but my song right now is A Kele Nta de MHD.

3  movies that made you laugh, think and freak out ?
I would say In Time with Justin Timberlake, The Color Purple with Oprah Winfrey and the Hunger Games saga.

A verbal tic ?
It’s more like a move tic. When I talk, I always pass my hand in my hair.

A sweet sin ?
Me, I LOVE junk food but I would say that my sweet sin are plums (called safous). Lyvie's cooking -Modern African food for all

Your greatest success ?
For the moment, I can’t talk about my greatest success because I didn’t reach my goals yet.

 Your favorite TV show
Blacklist and Reign.

 Your favorite hero

An other secret talent ?
My secret talent is that I can do my hair alone like my extensions ahahahahha.

We can’t wait to go back with more New Talents  !

To follow Lyvie on social medias and have more recipes :

Facebook: Lyvie’s cooking

Instagram : Lyvie’s cooking

Twitter : Lyvie’s cooking

Youtube : Lyvie’s cooking

Snapchat : lyviescooking

Site web: Lyvies


 Lyvie's cooking -Modern African food for all You can pre-order the book on Lyvies




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