Fadily Camara : une comédienne de folie

Our brand new crush is a comedian. You may have already seen her on the Jamel Comedy Club French stage, if you did, I should sympathize with your abs which must have been contracted for a long time because of her. Yup, I’m talking about Fadily Camara who is taking her place among the new generation. I was laughing so hard while watching her that I automatically told myself that I want her in our rubric. And Fadily played the game!



1) Hello ! Let’s introduce yourself. What is your background? 

YO! (Yeah, I like making stylish entrances)
I am Fadily Camara, 22 yo, comedian, tall, black, slender like an antelope , agile and fast like the wind 🙂
I’ve always wanted to be an actress, so like every one , I applied to pass castings. As I couldn’t pay the theatre classes, I kept on going to free training classes. But as it was free only once, I waited a bit and submitted again with a different name. By curiosity, I went up on stage, and that was a real crush. Since that, I just can’t stop myself !

2)  Tell us, how did your click for becoming a humorist came ?

I had my click after my first stage. It was at the Folies Bergères in front of 1600 people. I really liked sharing my stories with the public, I had an amazing freedom! I could scream, sing, do the Naomi Campbell Walk, roll on the ground and much more. At the end, I told myself  : “WOW  that was dope !!! When will I do this again ?”

3) What are your future projects ? 

I intend to go to Parc Asterix like very soon because I like Le Tonnerre de Zeus and Osiris attractions. I’m also writing a spectacle, the request is strong so I’m really working on this. I shot a web-serie “La minute de Michelle O” which pleased a lot so I’m going to do some more episodes, and ASAP because Barack Obama’s mandate will end soon, after that Michelle won’t have the same success !

I have other projects … but I will talk to you about them when it will be more concrete ^^

4) Do you have a secret talent? 

It seems like I can sing a little,  it seems that… OK I admit it’s true eheh ! My secret talent, really? I can pretend not to be disgusted when someone splutters on me, and I can tell you that THIS is an achievement !

5) Quelle est l’insulte que tu dis toujours ? What insult do you always say ? 

(NCL talking) Sorry my English speakers, I can’t translate that ! It’s almost like … “MAN ! ” or “DAMN!”


6) Do you have some favorite TV-Shows? Which ones? 

I have so many ones but if I had to make a top 4, it would be The Walking Dead, My Wife and Kids, That’s so Raven and La minute de Michelle O … I enhance my baby a little bit 😛

7)  What was the most beautiful moment of your life? 

Thank God there are so many !  But I would say each birth of my nieces and nephews ( there are 8 ! ) I like them like they were my kids !

8) What was the most “LMAO” moment of your life ?

Aaaah that’s hard to choose lol, I would say that it was the first day I saw Kevin Hart. Excellent !

9) We noticed that you often wear your natural hair, what is your routine? 

I’m not a good student in this because my routine is always evolving, like every week. I do it according to my hair estate. In general, I do an oil bath that I put under a steamer, followed with a shampoo and a conditionner. After that, I do a moisturizing mask. After washing them, I moisturize with my Butter Rich (or I put some water with argan or coco oil) and I make twists or I style them directly if I have to go out.

10) What is your sweet temptation?

OMG pastries ! Sometimes when I’m in my car, I stay in warning mode for at least 10 minutes in front of a bakery-pastry shop, and my greediness and reason are fighting. In general, I always crack  ! LONG LIVE THE STRAWBERRY CHARLOTTE !

11)  If you had a super-power, what would it be ? Why?

I would teleport myself, because I could travel everywhere. I like it so much. Otherwise, it would be the power of persuasion, in order to make people confess or to say to the cashier “You are going to let me pass with all my articles without paying anything”.

12) What are you listening to these days? 

These days, I listen to NEKFEU and The Weekdn a lot. Both make in good vibes !

13) Which Fashion trend did you hate the most? 

The “Rihanna 2009” trend. I think this girl is very stylish, no problem with that. But a lot of people did not understand that these short cuts don’t fit everyone. Mostly if it’s done badly ! I’m talking about the one she had on the Rated R album, with the shaved sides. Today, the trend is even beyond men, I call it the “2015 Football player”, shaved on the sides and relaxed (for some of them) on the top.

14) The tradition goes on, we ask to each New Talent a Fashion or Lifestyle creed. Like ours, what would be yours? 

I have one for each, a bit longer than yours lol
– Fashion : Assume what you wear, don’t wear to assume. (meaning dress up as you want for yourself, not for the others)
– Lifestyle : Don’t burden your heart to relieve the other’s mind.
Ok, on these wise words, we let you watch her stage on the Jamel Comedy Club. Sorry again for the English-Speakers ( you need to learn some French guys ! ) 




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