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Hi team Tigaya ! 
Today we are presenting you Sélim, young singer of 22 yo. That guy when he sings … Hell yeah it comes from the Soul ! The best way to introduce him, I think, is by making you listen to his cover of a (very) famous song that got us crazy about him. So let’s do it like The Voice show : first listen to the video bellow, and then discover the New Talent behind this voice, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Let’s get to know you, please introduce yourself  ! 

Je m’appelle Sélim, j’ai 22 ans. Je suis étudiant en licence de droit et je vis dans le Nord, à Douai, près de Lille.
My name is Selim, I’m 22. I am a Bachelor Law student, and I live in the North of France, in Douai, near Lille.


selim3What is your course ?

I used to study in a musical school with adapted schedules, from Infant class until Forth form class. I had regular classes in the morning, and musical ones in the afternoon (music history, sol-fa, choir … ). I learnt piano at 11 yo. I also tested violin, but got lazy because I had to hold the instrument on my shoulder and I found it ugly lmfao ! 

How did you find your universe?

Thanks to my mom, I listened a lot to Soul and Rap music, like Stevie Wonder, Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, or Teri Moise. At 14/15 yo, I wanted to do what they did, with all things I learnt at school, in another way. I struggled a lot at the beginning because I didn’t have the internet. So I dig in my parent’s CD’s. That’s how I discovered Whitney Houston, Puff Daddy, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley … Then I got the internet and it was fire! 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My musical universe is inspired a lot by Soul music. I would like to name Ms. Lauryn Hill. She’s the best to me. She succeeded in mixing Soul and Rap while having amazing lyrics. She’s true. She stamped the music world with only one album ! I also listen a lot to Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Jazmine Sullivan, J.Cole, Kirk Franklin … I don’t listen only Soul music, I like discovering and listening to other musical genres.


Could you live on your music ?

For now, I couldn’t. I haven’t been on stage for so long. My real first stages, I owe them to the Sankofa Soul Contest, created by Joby Smith and David Smite. It’s an international Soul diving board that allows artists to go on stage in Paris, with a team of professional musicians. I advice it to every artists because I’ve learnt a lot of things there. It allows you to learn more and makes you live amazing moments. Do not hesitate to participate or even go to the show next year ! 

 You do a lot of covers, would you like to to compose your own songs ? 

For now, I don’t compose, because inspiration doesn’t come. I don’t want to say random things like “Yo you told me you loved me but you cheated on me”, I don’t want to write just to write. If I do, I will say true things.

What is your credo ?

I don’t have a moto but I often hear this one « bravery, nerves, determination” . I admit it’s a good one!






Now let’s have fun …


3 words to describe yourself ?
Stressed for nothing, funny, lazybones

A sweet sin ?
Semolina with milk and sugar.

What do you listen to these days ?
I’m killing Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show “album

 3 movies that made you laugh, think and freak out ?
Nutty Professor II : The Klumps made me laugh, The Color Purple made me think, and The Others freaked out. 

A favorite TV show ?
I don’t really watch TV shows that much. I tested How to Get Away with murder and that was dope ! Then I got lazy to carry on …

A favorite fiction hero?
Rita Watson in Sister Act (Ms Hill)

 A verbal tic ?

Tchip !

A secret talent ?
I know how to make Bigmacs !

A super power ?

 Impossible choice: Loosing your voice or never have a career ?
Loosing my voice … at the worst case I could find it 😉


To finish, here is Feeling Good, by Nina Simone, covered by Sélim …



We can’t wait to get back to you with more New Talents !

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