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You saw him in our Beautiful Faces (you liked it, admit it), but we felt like we had to have him in New Talent. Why the word “atypical”? We can’t stop talking about having a personal touch at TGYA …Well, we found the perfect exemple for this kind of achievment. Shaun, he’s the kind of dancer (OVNI) impossible to copy because his style is unique, and so is his personality. While looking at his videos, we were like “Hey…WTF? How did he do that?!”Anyway, just read, you’ll understand…




You seem to be very multivalent, so we’re curious! Who are you?

I am 23, from Vietnam and Ireland, born in Paris. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, one of them is younger than me. I’m the only one who decided to follow an artistic path, to make it my job.
I started dancing at 8 in my living room, and at the age of 16, I took it more seriously by training almost everyday and doing dance battles.


When did you know that dancing was your thing ? 

I’ve been  knowing it since I was a kid. I used to say that I wanted to be a singer-dancer-actor but the idea of dancing seduced me more,  and I’m a very bad singer actually lol. About the acting, it will certainely happen one day… But I took the true decision to start a career after I got graduated.

What are your musical inspirations and, in a larger way, artistic ?

I listen a lot of Hip Hop and RnB (old and new school), but also a lot of instrumental sounds and beats which are more Trap or Experimental music, like Araabmuzil or Ta-Ku. I also like classical connotations but in a modern way. When I’m training, I rarelly pick out one song, I prefer to let the music play at random and in that way, I adapt myself, I dance and I keep creating on whatever I’m dancing to.
By the way, I love cinema, cartoons, and science fiction inspires me a lot in my art, like Transformers, 300, Avengers, Chronicles…

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You give very particular dance classes .. how do you manage to make people find their personality?

The aim of my artistic development classes is to help dancers of every styles and levels to create their own style, with their identity. To achieve this, I help them to be aware with several exercises that they all have different kinds of bodies, with different facilities and difficulties they can work on, but also a personality and plenty of inspirations and tastes. With this, they can find a way to perform and create their own signature and artistic universes.

What would you say to a young who’s afraid to live from his /her passion? 

I would say that easiness is not an option in life, no matter what path we take, so you’d better choose a way where you know you will fight, and in which you’ll give everything. People who don’t dare doing what they love by lack of security can’t understand that there is no garanty in life. You can choose to do the steadiest and normale way in your eyes or your relatives, but you will always have tests, and moreover , you won’t be happy. If you don’t live your life to be happy, what is left to you ?




What is your credo ? 

I have a lot of ones that I write on my bedroom’s walls but my 3 favorites would be

Be the best version of yourself.
It’s not over until I win.
What you focused on becomes your reality.


Now let’s have fun…


Your main attribute ?
Thoughtful and that is why I won’t say I have a main attribute. I’m not a market TV product lol

3 movies that made you laugh, freak out, think ?

Radiostars made me laugh
The Lady in black  freaked me out
Way of the peaceful warrior  made me think

 A verbal tic?
« You know what I mean ? » I mean, I always say that, you know what I mean ?

Your sweet sin?
Girls 🙂 haha! If we’re talking about food, I would say anything that could be at Starbucks.

An object you can’t separate from? 
The pendant my grand mother bequeathed to me.

Your favorite fiction hero?
Iron Man et Deadpool.

Your favorite TV show?

A super power?
To be able to absorb everyone’s super powers 🙂


The biggest crazy laugh of your life?
I could’nt remember exactly, but it has to be in highschool, I remember crying with laughter in class every week


Impossible choice : Noémie Lenoir ou Flora Coquerel?
…Flora Coquerel (Miss France) but if she doesn’t want, Noémie is cool too lmfao !



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