Valerie Tete – our young illustrator

Oye! Oye! Allow us to introduce you a young illustrator with a gift for drawing and painting. We love her talent and her cheerfulness which is reflected all along this interview! After seeing her drawings, we wanted to add her to our palette of New Talents. Here is Valerie Tete.


First, a little introduction is required!

My name is Valérie TETE and I’m 15 years! I live in France, in Brittany but I was born in Togo, in Africa. I used to live there until I turned 5.
I’ve been drawing since I was 8. I love to create and I do a lot of things too : playing piano, painting, watercolor. I also like sculpture, playing guitar, to sing, doing graphics, photography and cooking! When it comes to use my hands or my creativity, I’m very comfortable with that!

When and how did you start drawing ?

I started it in 2th grade. So yeah, my talent just popped  up, which is funny because the year before that, I was a bad drawer! Then one day, we learnt a song called “Les amants de St Jean” and we had to make an illustration about it. So for the first time of my life, I made a drawing and it was beautiful… I realized that, I too could be good at something.


Where do you find your inspiration ?

I get inspired by works around me, in books, in movies and poems. I’m very observant and I enjoy surfing on the internet because, there are many artists. I usually take pieces of things I liked in several works mix them, add my styles and I create! Or sometimes, I just watch my girls or elements around me! The more often, I visualize a scene in my head and I do my best to reproduce it.
I love mangas so I have a lot of favourite draftsmen.  I like the style of  Art work by Gabrielle, of Loish (Lois Van Baarle) and Marco Nogueira, a 3D artist that I love !

How do you work?

I work with music : classic, rap or gospel, depends on my mood. My graphic tab is a my tool, used with my laptop but most of the time, I draw on paper like everybody ! I love to draw on one of my chair from which I cut the feet, supported against my mini table. I know, it’s a strange position but I like it  🙂


How would you describe your pencil stroke?

My style mixes realism, manga and cartoon. But it is close to the fanstastic cartoon style. Actually, it’s hard to assigned me a style because I have several ones, we can notice that mostly on my Instagram drawings. I enjoy drawing portraits, landscapes and young women. It’s rare that I draw men because I don’t master very well the technic!

Where do you picture yourself in ten years? 
In ten years, I will be at the head of an animation studio. I will have my first cartoon on the air and it will be a huge sucess! In the meantime, I will do Les Beaux Arts and The Gobelins in Paris. I am ambitious and I truly believe in my dreams !


Did your passion ever got you in trouble ?

The biggest difficulty was probably to make my parents understand that I wanted to be in the drawing industry and that I was nothing like my siblings, I was different! And above all that I could  build my life with art because a lot of people think that it can’t be a job! When I started to win prizes, my parents figured out that I had the abilities and art wasn’t just a hobby!

There are also the financial issues : materials, classes, the internship drawings  are expensive so it’s not always ease to afford them but this is real life.

What’s is your motto ?

I’m an artist who loves to do what she loves.


Un peu plus fun … Now let’s have fun…

Your main attribute ?
I would say that I’m a nice and fair person. I love taking care of my friends and I can’t be mean!

3 movies that made you laugh, scream, think ?

The Intouchables and Despicable Me made me laugh.
The worst and only horror movie that I’ve seen was Evil Dead, it was awful !
Mommy,  and The King’s Speech made me think . I love this kind of movie for depressive people, it’s awesome!

A verbal tic ?
I lisp but in a very strange way! (There is no word in English to explain that)

An object you can’t separate from?
A book or my sketch book. I always have one of them with me.

Your favourite fiction hero ?
Kira from Death Note.

 Your favorite TV show?

Le Secret d’Élise

A super power?

I wish I could heal all diseases and pains in the world, just by thinking about the sick person. Or, I wish I could make my drawings real, it would be dope XD!!!

What are you listening these days?
I listen to Chopin and Daugther.

The biggest crazy laugh of your life ? 
Too many, I can’t choose !

An impossible choice : School or drawing ?
School ! Studying is my priority,  before everything. I want to have a good situation to be able to focus on drawing.


Instagram: blue_of_art

Page Facebook: Valerie Tete




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